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公司成立伊始,就确定了“专业,专致,专心,专注”的企业理念,和以专业创造力提高企业生产力,为社会和企业培养实用型人才的发展目标,经过多年的不懈努力,现已发展成为系统、高效、个性化的培训和管理咨询专业机构,并建立了MOU(Management Operation Using,管理操作应用)实务体系。






Brief introduction of Beiyuan Weiming

Beijing Beiyuan Weiming Technology Development Co.,Ltd., the predecessor is the training department under “The office of Beijing University science and technology development and industry management”. Due to the need of the business continuous development and expansion, it  registered as a limited liability company in June 2005. And in that year,it created a Beijing Vocational College of Finance and commerce of Haidian District exclusive practice teaching base.

At the beginning of the establishment of the company, to determine the business philosophy of “professional, single-minded, concentrative, dedicated”, and the development goals to improve enterprise productivity by professional creativity and to cultivate practical talents for the society and enterprise. After years of unremitting efforts, it has now developed into system, efficient, and personalized training and management consulting professional organizations, and established the Mou (Management Operation Using) practice system.

September 2013, approved by the Organization Department of the CPC Haidian street committee, the CPC Beijing Beiyuan Weiming Technology Development Co., ltd. branch was formally established. It has far-reaching significance to further strengthen the development and management of systematic, and promote scientific enterprise development.

We are willing to give full play to the advantages of integration of resources for enterprises and individuals to build a platform for lifelong learning, put the intangible knowledge into tangible forces; We also sincerely hope that in this sunny road, we can go with more like-minded friends shoulder to shoulder forward.

Hope that through our efforts and services, you and your enterprise to achieve wisdom rises, common development and common progress and common brilliant!

Company philosophy: Professional, Single-minded, Concentrative, Dedicated

company tenet: True meaning, All out







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